Companies And Contacts - FAQ

  • Can I import contacts from third-party applications and CSV files?

Yes, you can directly import all your existing contacts from Google,, MailChimp, Zoho Mail account or from a CSV / XLS file.

  • Can I add custom fields to the company/contact info?

Absolutely. You can add different types of fields like Text, Date, Number, Email, Phone, Website, Picklist and Textarea depending on the information you want to collect. You can add upto 120 custom fields in the Contacts and Companies module. Note that custom fields aren’t available on the Free plan.

  • Can I import a list of companies into ContactManager?

There isn’t a separate option to import details of Companies. However, while importing contacts you can use the ‘Company’ field to import the names of the companies.

  • Can I publish a Web-To-Contact form directly to my Google Sites?

If you are a G Suite user, when you create a Web-To-Contact form in ContactManager, you’ll see an option to publish the form directly to your Google Sites.

  • How do I filter junk contacts added via Web-To-Contact Form?

When you create a Web-To-Contact form, check the Enable manual contact approval option. Once you enable this option, any contact information submitted via this web form will be subject to your approval under the Pending Web Contacts section in Contacts module.

  • How do I approve contacts added via Web-To-Contact Form?

You can find the records to be approved under Pending Web Contacts section in the Contacts module. You can click on a record to view the details submitted and choose to approve or delete them. If needed you can delegate the record’s approval to another user by clicking on the ‘Change Owner’ button. You can also perform these actions in bulk by selecting multiple records.

  • Can I convert new email addresses to contacts directly from the emails received?

Yes, this is possible if you’ve connected your Zoho Mail account into ContactManager. From the Email Settings, select Convert new email Id’s of all folders into contacts option. Every time you receive an email from a new email address, the sender is added to your contacts.

  • How does acquiring contact information from various sources work?

You can add contacts from Facebook and Twitter as long as you can view them within Zoho ContactManager.

  • What happens when I delete a contact?

When you delete a contact, all the tasks and deals associated with the contact will also be deleted permanently.