Deals And Tasks - FAQ

  • What is a Deal?

A deal is any business relationship you have initiated and doesn’t necessarily mean only sales deals. Even when you work with a vendor on a contract it qualifies to be a deal.

  • What does the term Hot, Warm and Cold mean?

Hot, Warm and ColdThese are terms used to indicate how likely it is that the deal will come through. A hot deal has a higher probability of closure, a cold deal has the lowest probability and a warm deal has a 50% chance of closure.

  • How do I get reminded of my tasks?

When adding tasks, you have the option of setting a reminder date. You’ll receive a reminder email on the date you have set. Also, Zoho ContactManager gives you a daily job card once you log-in.

  • What is a task template?

Task TemplateA task template allows you to define the tasks to be performed in every business deal. It serves as a reference template to use each time you confirm a new deal.

  • Is there a monthly calendar view?

Calendar ViewYou can view the tasks to be completed everyday for a whole month using the monthly calender view.