Drone business owner

Hi all,
I am a single person drone aerial filming company based in the south east of UK. My business is called Milestone Drones Ltd. I am completely new to Zoho and would like to use the free version to manage my leads, customers etc.

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That’s such a cool job. I’ve always wanted go get one.
Blow the free version off and get Zoho ONE it’s awesome and a great deal for One Human Armies like us.

Run your whole business from there.
Social Media
Ticket requests
Live chat on website
website ha

Hi Paul,

The zoho1 looks bloody awesome, one question if I may. I use independent accountants to do my returns etc and they commonly use Quick Books and would like me to also use this so they can be hooked up to the business accounts. Do you know whether zoho1 could also be shared with my accountants? If not, I will end up paying £30/month for zoho1 and a further £10/mnth for Quick Books.



Yeah it’s annoying they don’t have an option to let the accountant in.
If I were you I’d just give them your login for the month. Then you can change the password.
As long as you don’t have double authentication added with your phone.
Make life easier on you not your accountant :slight_smile:

Or like you say you’d have to activate a new user just for 1 month a year.

Your web site is really cool.

@Milestone You can give a shout out to your business in the Pitch Anything category

Thanks for that Paul, I’ll speak to the bean counters and try to persuade them. Appreciate your kind words re the website and the shout out.

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Cool. The bean counters should be telling their clients about Zoho ONE :wink: