Email - FAQ - Zoho ContactManager

  • Can I configure my personal email address in Zoho ContactManager?

Configure personal EmailEven though the Zoho ContactManager allows you to configure only one email address, you can add your personal email address as a POP account.

  • Can I share my emails?

You can share your emails with all the users in the organization.

  • What happens when I share my email?

When the email is shared, your team members will be able to view interactions with contacts under the email section.

  • Will all my emails be shared?

Unless otherwise specified, all your emails will be shared with the other users in the organization. However, you can restrict email sharing based on domain preference.

  • What is a mail template?

A mail template is a predefined mail to be sent to a particular business deal or a task to be accomplished. The template saves you from having to type out mails every single time.
A mail template is a pre-defined set of emails you can use to send during any process of accomplishing a business deal. (or) A set of pre-defined emails used to communicate with your contacts during the process of accomplishing a business deal. You don’t have to every time type out your email. All you need to do is, choose the template and send it to your contact.

  • Do I get notified when I receive a new email?

Yes, you will be instantly notified every time you receive a new email.