General - FAQ - Zoho ContactManager

  • How will data be shared with my colleagues?

Any data in the Contact Manager can be shared based on roles. But, this is not applicable for the email and social module.

  • Who is an administrator?

An Administrator will have the right to perform any action within the organization . The administrator account cannot be deactivated and at least one user should be an administrator.

  • Can we have multiple administrators?

Your organization can have multiple administrators. Whoever signs up first from your organization is assigned the administrator role. He can add other members in the organization as users or assign another user as an administrator.

  • How do I give someone admin access?

Give Admin AccessOnly an administrator role can give another user administrator access. To do this, you’ll have to go to the user detail page from the Settings section.

  • What do you mean by a primary contact?

A primary contact is the one who signs up for the contact and is the single point of contact in the organization. All payment related information will be emailed to the primary contact. An organization can have only one primary contact.