Hi! LeAnn Lyon, AVivoPur (Live Pure)

Hi Everyone!
I am the owner of a small manufacturing company in St. Paul, Minnesota. What we do is change lives for the better with the results-proven magnetic therapy products we make, sell, and ship from our own location. Our Google reviews talk about how we have helped with migraines, arthritis, and much more. We are thrilled to help these people get back doing what they REALLY love in their lives because pain is a major disrupter to joy.

I am blessed with a staff that helps me with all of this, and yet much falls to me!

Like setting up Zoho.

Three years ago I spent a significant amount of time setting up Hubspot, and last weekend (to my CFO husband’s relief) that small mortgage payment disappeared but now we have to do all the work to set up Zoho. Did I say “We”? :joy: yeah I mean me. Last week we pulled out hundreds of Hubspot buttons from our 200 blog posts and hundreds of product pages. SO much fun.

Oh and just for fun our new website will go live any day… avivopur.com Lots of work to do on that as well!

Finally, gladly, I am also excited to also be part of a newly launching business which is destined to interrupt the travel agency like Uber disrupted the taxi industry. Definitely looking for partners in this too! Imagine if you could make money by sharing a free app (Uber is a free app, right?) which SAVES them up to 70% off what they can find online without the app. They use it because it is FREE and SAVES them money. You make money. Please connect with me if you want to know more. I am excited that this travel opportunity (just launched!) has the serious potential to help me hire a team to help us help more people with our magnetic therapy business.

Looking forward to helping out here, and learning as I go!!!
All My Best–

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Great to have you here @LeAnn_AVivoPur
Both companies sound very exciting and fulfilling.
Keep up the great work and let us know how we can help with Zoho ONE pains.
You’ll get it all sorted soon and be miles ahead of where you were at with Hubspot in no time.