Importing Advise

Hi Paul, nice to meet you. Thanks for your services.

I’m looking to import then sych my contacts between kajabi and zoho crm. I see you have your courses in Kajabi. Forget syncing for now. First I need to import the contacts.

The issue is tags - how do I import the tags?
and Products.

Any advice on how to make that import?

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Hey @Kai I have my course on Teachable
I’m not a fan of Kajabi pricing and the limits.

That said.
If you can export the contacts you can simply import them to your contacts.
and add the tags as you import them.

To sync live on a new user signup you can use something like Zapier to fire the contacts in for you.

What do you mean “add the tags as you import them”
There is no import field to tags.

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Ah sorry.
After the import on the final step it will ask which tags you want to apply to the imported contacts
You can just add them.