Join Your Team - Zoho Docs

Join Your Team

You’ll need an invitation from your team admin to join the organizational account. Once you’re invited, you can click the Join link in the invite and get started with the process.

Key points:

  • Business accounts are managed and owned by your admin.
  • If the invitation is sent to your personal email address, ask your admin to resend the invite to your work email address before continuing.

To understand the process, choose the category that you fall into:

I don’t have a Zoho Docs account

  1. It’s very easy to get started with Zoho Docs. Just few steps and we can have you on board.
  2. Click the Join button in the invitation email and you’ll be taken to our website.
  3. Set up your work account by filling in your name and creating a password.
  4. Click Join and your account will be created. Check out the Getting started section to learn how to start using your account.

I have a Zoho Docs account

If you already have a Zoho Docs account, you will be by default added to an organization. You will need to delete that organization in order to join your team. But note that if you have shared any files with anyone who has been added to that organization, it will be deleted if you delete the organization. You can keep a backup of those files by using the desktop sync or downloading them directly to your system.
This is how you can delete your organization:

  1. Sign-in to your Zoho Docs account. Click the Settings icon and select Admin Panel .
  2. Under the Organization Profile tab, click Delete Organization . A warming message will be displayed, to proceed click Delete.
  3. Once you have deleted the organization, you can request your team admin to send you a invite to join the team. Click the invite link and proceed with the sign-up process.