Paul Slater

Chaplain Paul Slater from San Diego, California
Retired Health Care Chaplain
Now Self Employed Publisher/Author
I want to learn how to access the power of ZOHO One, discontinuing a bunch of programs I have subscribed to and using the money saved to pay for my ZOHO One subscription.

Big Challenge: Keeping my 72 year old brain limber so I can learn!

{By the way, I do not know if I signed up with ZOHO One with Paul’s link or not. I had tried ZOHO One but bailed when they wanted me to subscribe for 5 licenses. I believe I chose to do so after clicking your link, but then again, I was able to restart my previous subscription.}

Welcome Paul.
I’ve been to San Diego awesome city. Really cool.

Awesome. Pitch your books in the Pitch Anything area :slight_smile: What do you write about Fiction?

Yeah that’s the power of ONE. Lose the other subscriptions.

Still young and I’m sure the writing helps with that too.

I can’t see your email in there.
If you click this link you’ll be able to see if Happy-Me Ltd. is your partner and if not tag us.
More info

Welcome to the forum. You’ve already done the hardest thing by posting your first topic :slight_smile:

Great @PLS Paul I see you sorted it thanks!!!