Web Forms in Zoho Desk

Web Forms simplify the process of capturing support tickets from your website into your Zoho Desk. The tickets can be from customers requesting your help or simply leaving feedback about your product. Either way, the Web Forms are easy to design and publish for both technical and non-technical users. There are two kinds of Web forms available in Zoho Desk:

Though they more or less perform identical functions, let us look at their capabilities below:

Feedback Widget

The Feedback widget allows you to embed the Web Form support channel in your company’s website or the Help Center. The widget can be displayed as a pop-up, web embed or in an iFrame. This way your customers can seek help without leaving your website or Help Center.

The widget allows your customers to:

  • Fill in the predefined fields to raise a support request
  • Find answers to their questions using the suggested articles and discussions from your Help Center and Community respectively
  • Engage with your agents over Live Chat
  • Take screen grabs and upload them to add more context to their support requests

Advanced Web Form

Unlike the Feedback widget, the advanced Web Form allows you to customize the form to your liking. You can include custom ticket fields to capture tickets in more detail.

Advanced Web Forms can be used to:

  • Capture Tickets (Customers’ information)
  • Communicate with website visitors
  • Respond to customer questions
  • Receive online feedback