Working In A Company That Uses Zoho CRM - All You Need To Know To Start Big Or Ace The Interview

Zoho CRM For For Your New Job Or Job Interview - You’ll Be Able To Say You Know Zoho CRM. In this training video I’ll teach you the basics of Zoho CRM so you can hit the ground running in a new job, or if you are going to a job interview with a company that uses Zoho CRM then you can say you have used it. You can use Zoho CRM for free and add the test data just like me too. So have a play around.


0.00 Introduction

1:08 Say Hello - Why Are You Here

1:43 Boss Mode/Admin Explained

7:31 Invite You As A User

10:51 Initial Walk through tabs explained

20:46 Leads Explained

26:20 Convert Leads To Accounts/Contacts/Deals

30:16 Contacts And Accounts Explained

39:56 Deals Explained

44:31 Conclusion